Ven - Kriegfried2023

This website represents the contribution of the artists' group „KRIEGFRIED“ to the digital exhibition programm of the EBSN Special Conference CUT-UPS@2023 in Paris
European Beat Studies Network
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The spontaneous performance „Kreide-Kreise“ (chalk circles) at the Biennial of Venice in 1980, when the visitors were stopped and encircled, is documented by black and white photos (copyright Heinz Pelz): The artists handed over an empty sheet of paper to the surprised visitors and then encircled them by lines of chalk. As nobody understood the meaning of the action all visitors did not dare to move. Finally several exhibition spaces were filled with people standing around waiting for something to happen.....but nothing happened....
Because it was an illegal action some of the artists had disputs with the italian police - however the italian TV was interested too.
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